6 Best Lawn Mower for Steep Banks Reviews 2021 [#3 Surprised]

The lawn or garden is not always flat. Many times you have to deal with steep banks in your lawn. Mowing such lawns with ordinary mowers can be dangerous and tricky due to challenging terrain.

This is the reason that you should have to choose the best lawn mower for steep banks to make sure that you stay safe while completing this difficult task.

best lawn mower for steep banks

If you are the one looking for the best lawn mower for steep banks and slopes, continue reading the review of the 6 best lawn mowers in this category.

In the later section, you will know about the things to consider before buying an appropriate lawn mower for your garden.Contentsshow

Quick Overview – Top 6 Best Lawn Mower for Steep Banks

  • BLACK+DECKER BEMW482ES – Ideal for small yards, easy to control and maneuver, designed for tighter areas and around obstacles, sturdy design, easy push start button, ergonomic pivot handle, and rugged wheel treads to make mowing easier through thick grass.
  • Ariens 915223 IKON-X – Strong, durable with powerful 23 HP Kawasaki engine, ideal for steep terrains, large wheels for a strong grip, ergonomic design, comfortable padded seat with armrest and a 52 in huge cutting deck offers fast and efficient mowing in less time.
  • Craftsman M215 – Self-propelled with variable speed, perfect power to weight ratio, and large rear wheels for easy maneuverability. It is ideal for medium to large lawns and runs smoothly over rough terrains. Front-wheel drive and a pull cord start system for easy operation.
  • PowerSmart DB2321C – Ideal for small yards, light-weight, compact design, easy operation and 21 inches cutting deck make it easy to mow through tight spaces. Easy pull cord start system, large rear wheels, sturdy and sharp blade make the operating a lot easier.
  • Sun Joe ION16LMCT – Ideal for small lawns, easy to handle and maneuver, light in weight, cut effectively, easy push-button start system, less recharge time and have many attractive safety features. Quiet operation and fewer vibrations make it comfortable to use.
  • Craftsman M105 – Right choice for small yards, comes with auto choke feature and recoil which enables the mower to start easily. Durable lawn mower with a powerful engine, large rear wheels and 21 inches cutting blade make it ideal for a small lawn.

Check the key features of the top 6 best lawn mower for steep banks

PreviewProductKey FeaturesPrice
BEMW482ES MowerCutting width: 17 inchesEngine: 12 AmpCHECK PRICE
Ariens 915223 IKON-XCutting width: 52 inchesEngine: 23HP, 726ccCHECK PRICE
Craftsman M215Cutting width: 21 inchesEngine: 159ccCHECK PRICE
PowerSmart DB2321CCutting width: 21 inchesEngine: 159ccCHECK PRICE
Sun Joe ION16LMCTCutting width: 16 inchesBattery: 40VCHECK PRICE
Craftsman M105Cutting width: 21 inchesEngine: 140ccCHECK PRICE

Best Lawn Mower for Steep Banks (Reviews for 2021)

Given below is the list of top 6 lawnmowers that have the ability to perform efficiently on steep banks without struggling.

We have discussed the highlights, pros, and cons of each lawnmower and what you should consider before buying a lawnmower for your particular type of lawn. Let’s check out the review.

1. Black + Decker BEMW482ES – 17 inches Electric Lawn Mower

The first one on our list is the Black + Decker BEMW482ES model. It is an electric lawnmower with 12 amp motor and cool looking design.

This model is ideal for small lawns and is environment-friendly as there is no involvement of gas and emissions.

Black Decker BEMW482ES

The machine is sturdy and specially designed to mow around small obstacles and tighter areas.

Even it can handle tall grass. The Black + Decker BEMW482ES lawnmower is most comfortable to use, and anyone can perform mowing using this lawnmower, even without any expertise.

This corded electric lawnmower has a 12 Amp powerful motor and is designed to handle tall and sturdy grass.

It is easy to maneuver and get through obstacles in your yard and tight spaces. The mower has 17 inches winged blade that provides 30 % more collection of clippings.

You can adjust the height of lawn mower at 6 different positions ranging from 1 to 3 inches. The wheels have rugged treads which makes the mowing easier through thick grass. A single push start button makes the job gets started all at once.

Why We Like It

There are many reasons; you should buy this lawn mower. It is easy to control and maneuver and has an ergonomic pivot handle which is less tiring.

The rugged wheel treads which enable it to drive through uneven terrains and thick grass and push start button that enhances its control are some other attractive reasons why you should select this lawn mower for steep banks.

The 12 Amp engine is right for steep banks that ensure improved cutting and fast propulsion.

Moreover, The winged blade can collect 30 % grass clippings as compared to normal blades. For precise cutting and lawn maintenance, you have 6 cutting height adjustment options.

Some Limitations

One bad thing is that the only way of the grass discharge option is bagging. There is no other mode of grass clipping collection option in this product, such as side discharge and mulching.

Another disadvantage with any corded lawn mower is that the presence of a cord restricts the area that a mower can cover. So this lawn mower is not the best suite for long narrow yards.


  • The operation is quiet
  • A single easy push start button
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Collect 30% more grass clippings, even on thick and tall grass
  • Single lever height adjustment


  • Not ideal for slopes
  • No mulching and side discharge option
  • The cutting width is not very large

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Black + Decker is a well-known manufacturer company famous for its home appliances. The BEMW482ES electric lawn mower is another example that shows why the company has stayed relevant throughout its history.

Overall this lawn mower performs well with quiet operation. This electric lawn mower for steep terrains has a cord. It has a single bush start button, so you don’t have to struggle with pulling the cord.

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2. Ariens 915223 IKON-X – 52 inches Zero Turn Lawn Mower

The second on our list is Ariens 915223 IKON-X is a strong and powerful mower from a renowned manufacturer company.

This model inevitably comes under the group of high-quality products that are well built, strong, and durable to last more than a couple of years.

This Ariens lawn mower comes with an ergonomic design that makes sure a comfortable and easy mowing experience.

Ariens 915223 IKON X

The Ariens 915223 IKON-X has a 52 inches huge cutting width that enables you to mow a massive area in less time.

The 52 inches cutting blade is made of 11 gauge steel and has 4.5 inches depth meaning that it can cut short grass effectively. Powered with a strong 23 hp/726 cc motor, IKON-X operates at high speed which gives even and the excellent grass cut.

The mower comes with a fully tubular steel frame and a high back padded seat with armrests. It is a zero-turn lawn mower, so you don’t have to worry about coming back and removing grass patches.

Why We Like It

This model is but heavier than its opponents, but it doesn’t mean that it is unable to access steep areas. It is actually very effective for such dangerous terrains.

With its 23 HP Kawasaki engine, it performs its task with high speed and enough power before you realize that it is actually a task.

The large wheels offer a strong grip to the ground. It also has a padded seat with an armrest and a cup holder to keep you hydrated while cutting the grass.

The various parts of the mower such as weels and deck are bolted together firmly, and after wide-ranging vibrational testing, this model was open to the market for purchase.

Ariens 915223 IKON-X has received appreciation from consumers, and they also have a strong customer care team that is responsive and ready to help whenever you face any problem.

Some Limitations

This model doesn’t have headlights, so you are unable to mow in light conditions. You have to spend some extra money to buy LED headlights.

You are required to change the oil of lawn mower after every 10 hours of usage. It can be tricky to know how much fuel is left in the tank as there is no fuel gauge on lawn mower and the container is not opaque, i.e. made of plastic.


  • Due to the vast cutting deck, the mowing time reduced to almost half
  • Ability to cut at exact height precisely
  • The cutting deck is stable
  • The padded levers minimize the vibrations while mowing


  • The machine is a bit heavier
  • The mulching set is not available in the box
  • The wheels are likely to slip on the marshy and muddy ground
  • It requires a big shed or a garage for storage

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The Ariens IKON-X is undoubtedly one of the best lawn mowers for steep banks. It would be the investments for its attractive features.

Compelling features such as a 52 inches huge cutting deck and an ergonomic design provide you with ample comfort, fast and efficient performance in less time.

This Ariens IKON-X zero turn lawn mower is invincible as it is backed by a strong and powerful 23 HP/726cc Kawasaki engine.

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3. Craftsman M215 – 21 inches Gas-Powered Lawnmower

Here is another excellent self-propelled gas-powered lawnmower, i.e. Craftsman M215.

This model is powered with a 159 cc OHV engine that comes with recoil and auto choke. So you have not to worry about a choke or a primer, you just have to pull the cord to start it.

In addition to the 159cc engine, the mower has a 21 inches cutting deck to trim the grass evenly and quickly to get your work done.

It has rear discharge and side discharge options to decrease the chances of clogs. It also has a mulching option. With its 6 different cutting heights, you can cut your grass at any height with great precision.

Craftsman M215

You can easily use this lawnmower on naturally uneven terrain. It is a self-propelled lawnmower with adjustable variable speed.

You can move it around your lawn with less struggle and the speed as you like. It also has a front-wheel-drive which helps you maneuver around flat terrain with ease.

Why We Like It

Many customers believe that the Craftsman M215 performed well on medium to large lawns.

It is very easy to move along the yard due to its right power to weight ratio and self-propulsion qualities with variable speed.

The large 11 inches rear wheels also help in easy maneuverability. Even on slightly rough and bumpy terrains, it runs smoothly and easily.

The Craftsman 215 is backed by 2 years warranty, so it has faith in the materials utilized and the quality build.

Some Limitations

Many customers find the material and engine cover a bit flimsy. It is not ideal for very big lawns.


  • Self-propelled with variable speed control
  • Attached bag for catching grass clippings
  • Easy to start and maneuver
  • Comes with an attached bagger to catch grass clippings
  • 3 in 1 capability, i.e. bag, mulch, and side discharge
  • Single lever height adjustment to 6 different positions


  • Not appropriate for very big yards
  • The handle is not much comfortable

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The Craftsman M215 is the best lawn mower for steep banks that is ideal for medium to large lawns. It is the right investment if you want the suitability of a quick gas-powered lawnmower.

A craftsman manufacturing company has a firm reputation, and they are famous for selling top lawnmower in the market. The M215 model with a 159cc engine is a value for money that is highly effective for your lawn.

4. PowerSmart DB8621P – 159cc gas-powered lawn mower

In case you have a small size lawn, PowerSmart DB8621P gas-powered lawn mower would be the right option for you.

This lawn mower has 68 pounds weight which makes it easy to operate and handle. It is empowered with a 159 cc engine and can work in tight areas.

PowerSmart DB8621P

This lawnmower is the ideal choice for smaller yards with its compact design and 159 cc engine.

It is a gas-powered push lawn mower that can move through tight spaces and operates easily.

The machine has three grass clipping collection options including bagging, mulching, and side discharge capability.

The 21 inches is made of durable steel, and the cutting height is adjustable to 5 different positions ranging from 1.18 to 3 inches to meet your requirements.

The sharp and solid blade is made for a better mulching experience. The mower is easy to operate, and its weight is just 68 pounds.

The deep dome deck project accompanied by the sharp and solid blade provides better mulching.

Why We Like It

The construction of a deep dome deck design, along with a sturdy and sharp blade makes the mulching selection highly desirable while mowing with the PowerSmart DB8621P.

Twenty-one inches cutting deck, 5 positions adjustable cut height, easy pull cord for system start, 8 inch rear wheels for easy operation, and an 18-gallon bag for clipping collection are some other nice features.

Some Limitations

It is only appropriate for small to medium-sized lawns. It is not the right option for big yards with tough and thick grass. Still, it doesn’t mean that the engine is weak.

It just doesn’t have enough power to handle thicker and larger lawns. You also need to double-check the warranty before purchasing as it is seller dependent.

The price is higher as compared to other options on the market.


  • It mostly comes assembled, so requires less time for assembly
  • It is lightweight and easy to operate
  • No need to adjust primer or choke
  • Easy to start, just by pulling the cord
  • Large rear wheels for easy maneuverability


  • The bag is small
  • The cord can get tangled
  • Wheels and bolts loosen
  • It is not self-propelled and needs the struggle to push

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Our Thoughts

Looking for a lawn mower for little to medium size yards, PowerSmart DB8621P could be the right investment.

With its 159cc engine, this lawn mower can easily reach tight areas. Get your job done with this lightweight, gas-powered push lawn mower.

5. Sun Joe ION16LMCT – 40 Volt cordless lawn mower

Sun Joe ION16LMCT makes use of a strong and rechargeable lithium-ion battery which enables you to mow anywhere without the fear of being tangled with cords.

This model comes with a brushless motor that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of battery and in turn, the performance of the mower.

The design is compact, and the mower is lightweight that makes it easy to operate and handle.


Another lawn mower is the Sun Joe ION16LMCT which is a cordless electric lawn mower with 40V lithium-ion battery and 16 inches deck size.

The battery runtime is 40 minutes. This model can be adjusted at 6 different positions ranging from 1.18 to 3.15 inches.

Like many other electric lawn mowers, it may face difficulty while cutting grass above 8 inches long. It only has a bagging option. The mulching and side discharge options are unavailable.

The bag option allows you to collect the grass clippings at the rear discharge point and hence keep them away from shooting at you.

The mower is powerful and powered with a brushless motor to enhance its efficiency and performance. Its compact design and lightweight model makes it easy to operate and handle individually on steep banks.

Why We Like It

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery takes only 30 minutes to charge, which is one the best thing about this electric lawn mower.

It is an advantage of lithium-ion batteries powered lawn mowers over old lead-acid batteries that require a long time to recharge.

The Sun Joe iON16LM is very lightweight and suitable for small lawns. You can use this mower without bearing any fatigue thanks to its reduced vibrations.

The operation is quiet with reduced noise, and fewer vibrations make it eco-friendly.

There are also two safety features available one for keeping the battery firmly in place and another safety key that should be inserted after installation of battery to start the mower (without it, the mower will not operate).

Some Limitations

The side discharge and mulching options are unavailable. This is a push lawn mower and propelled by the user, which means that it is not the ideal choice for very huge lawns or those with varying topography.

The folding and unfolding mechanism that reduces the size of the mower for compact storage requires a frustrating and prolonged process.


  • Easy to handle and maneuver throughout the lawn
  • The mower is cheap
  • Quiet operation in contrast to gas mowers
  • Attractive safety features
  • It is lightweight
  • Recharge time is good
  • Easy push-button start


  • Bogs down when the grass collecting bag is full
  • It is made of plastic material
  • No mulch and side discharge option
  • Wheels look flimsy

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The Sun Joe iON16LM model is a cordless gas-powered lawnmower that is ideal for small lawns.

It is lightweight, easy to handle, cuts effectively, and charges rapidly. Until you don’t need a self-propelled lawnmower, this model could be the right choice for your lawn.

6. Craftsman M105 – 140cc gas-powered lawn mower

If you are looking for a powerful and durable gas-powered lawnmower, the Craftsman M105 is the ideal choice for you. The Craftsman M105 powered with a 140cc engine is advanced equipment.

It has combined auto choke and recoil features. The auto choke enables you to pull and start operation. This model worth its price and serve the purpose of what it is made for.

If you are ready to spend some extra dollars on durability and powerful features, go ahead for Craftsman M105.

Craftsman M105

Craftsman M105 is powered with 140cc OHV gas-powered engine combined with auto choke and recoil. This lawn mower has 21 inches deck size that houses the blade.

It is capable of a 3 in 1 function. The M105 comes with bagging, mulching, and side discharge capabilities.

Just like many other lawn mowers in the market with 21 inches cutting deck, this gas mower ensures a wider area of grass cutting in a single go.

It has 8 inches rear wheels and 7 inches front wheels for easy maneuverability and navigation.

Why We Like It

One of the best and attractive features of Craftsman 105 is its auto choke property. In contrast to many other lawn mowers of its kind, the starting of this mower is relatively easy.

Due to its auto choke feature, there is no complication or fess involved in starting the process. For better performance, the engine has recoiled.

As compared to other mowers at the same price range, you don’t have to struggle with coke, and you have to pull and start using it with the help of the auto choke feature.

With its dual lever, you can adjust the cut height at 6 different positions to cut the grass at exact height as you desire.

Some Limitations

The engine is quite efficient but relatively small in size. This is the only reason that we recommend you buy this lawn mower only if you have a small size lawn. It works efficiently on the smaller lawn.


  • Comes with 3-in-1 convertible deck
  • This model is 100 percent choke free
  • Features an additional mulching set which puts nutrients back to the soil
  • Height can be adjusted from 1.25 to 3.75 inches


  • The size of the engine is small
  • The wheels are also small in size

Get It Now on Amazon

Craftsman 105 is the best suite for homeowners who are searching for the best lawn mower for small yards. Its engine, deck size, and overall design are specially built for a standard-sized lawn.

With its auto choke feature, anyone will enjoy mowing the lawn with this lawnmower. The wheels may be small, but they have been treated to provide necessary grip on the lawn.

Best Lawn Mower for Steep Banks: What to Look for Before You Buy It?

Lawnmowers are costly, and we all know very well about it. Therefore it is essential to make sure that you are purchasing the best lawn mower that best suits your preferences and needs following the type of your lawn.

Before buying any machine or equipment, you have to keep in mind the necessary things to help you make your decision.

Lawn mowers for steep banks

Hilly and steep areas have an elevated slope which makes it tricky and dangerous to cut the grass with the wrong mower.

So we come up with a buying guide for you so that you buy the best lawn mower for steep banks. You should consider the below-mentioned specific features if you are interested in a good quality lawn mower for steep banks.

Deck Size

Deck size is the part of a lawn mower that houses the blades for cutting grass.

The size of the deck in the best lawn mower for steep banks is very important as it shows the number of blades in the machine and the cutting power of the lawnmower.

The large deck means easy maneuverability on the hilly yards. The big size of the deck makes it easy to turn the lawnmower while mowing.

This property of the lawnmower is very important on steep banks as you never want to make sharp movements.

Ease of Use

A lawnmower must be easy to use and handle on steep hills. It is because mowing itself is a tiring task and you don’t want to make it worse on steep hills

When it comes to the ease of use, you will have to look out for things like how easy the mower is to start and the maneuverability.

Also, the assembly should be easy if it requires any, and it should do various tasks like mulching, bagging, and side discharge to make it more convenient.

Luckily, most modern lawn mowers are made with ease of use in mind. And so if you get something from one of the top brands, you can be sure that it will be straightforward to use even if you are a beginner.


The weight of the walk-behind lawnmower you choose for hilly and steep areas depends on your power and strength. Heavily weighted push lawn mowers can be hard to move on hills for many people.

This is a particular issue with the heavy lawn mower on hills as there is a great chance of getting the mower out of control.

The best lawn mower for steep banks is the one that has enough power but also lightweight. You should try the lawnmower on hills in person to decide the exact weight of lawnmower.

Rear-wheel Drive

Rear-wheel drive offers a strong grip on the steep hills in contrast to front-wheel drive or an all-wheel drive.

The front-wheel-drive lawnmowers operate well on the level and flat grounds but not on steep hilly areas.

Many rear-wheel drive lawn mowers have small front wheels and large rear wheels which shows the higher traction and grip although not quite necessary.

Trodden tires and a low mower profile further enhance the traction of a lawnmower.

A low profile mower decreases the likelihood of your ride-on sloping off, but you still have to be extra careful with these.

Height Adjustments

The height of the deck must be adjustable so that you can choose your preferred cut height.

Approximately all types of lawnmowers have adjustable deck height, and it is an essential feature on lawn mowers for hills.

If you can select the cut height of your lawn mower, it would be easier to cut the grass on hills at your preferred cutting height.

When you start mowing grass on the hilly area of your lawn, adjust the cut height of the deck so that it runs smoothly over the grass.

It will result in an even grass cut and will keep your lawn mowing smoothly.

Wheel Size

For steep banks, the lawnmowers should have large wheels as compared to ordinary lawnmowers.

Large-sized wheels are particularly important in rear-wheel drive lawnmowers. There are several benefits associated with large wheels while mowing on the steep hills. Notably, such lawn mower will be much stable on hills.

Stability is essential for any lawn mower for steep banks but specifically for lawn mowers for hilly areas.

Another advantage of having large wheels on your lawn mower is the great durability.

The large wheels would be capable of taking a great deal of wear and tear. Durability is very important for yards with hills.https://www.youtube.com/embed/rGz81hzUmoc


The best lawn mower for steep banks should have stable and comfortable handles. The handle must be able to absorb a large number of vibrations that lawn mower produces.

As a result, it will prevent your arms from being bumped when you mow your lawn.

The handles should be sturdy and robust. You need a well patted, stiff and comfortable set of handles for easy mowing.

In case the handles are weak and flimsy, they will not be able to withstand your force use on steep banks. A well-designed handle on a lawnmower for steep banks will prevent you from losing control over your lawn mower for hills.

Best lawn mowers for steep banks (FAQs)

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”


 Which is the best lawn mower for the steep banks?” answer-0=”The right lawnmower for steep banks should be stable. You require a mower that can move up and down quickly and efficiently along the steep slopes. In case your lawn is too steep, you should choose push reel mowers having small cutting width so that you have proper control over it. We reviewed and recommended the best lawn mowers above.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”


 Is a gas-powered lawn mower appropriate for steep banks?” answer-1=”The power option of a lawnmower depends on the kind of a lawnmower. If a lawnmower has been designed to attain high stability, then you can use such lawn mower easily to cut the grass on steep banks.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”


 How to clean the deck of your lawn mower?” answer-2=”To clean the grass clippings from the deck of your lawnmower, let the wet grass to dry and blow them with a blower. It is an easy and good practice to clean the deck.

Another method is to open the wash port of the deck and attach the water hose in it. It will remove all the grass clippings attached to the wall of the deck. The lawnmowers that don’t have any wash port on deck have to lifted to sprinkle them with water or look for any such opening to access the bottom of the deck.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”✅ Do I need a specific lawn mower for steep banks?” answer-3=”Technically, you can use any lawn mower for cutting grass on steep banks. But if you use any ordinary lawn mower on steep yards, you can put yourself in risk.

Lawnmower specially designed for hills and steep banks come with some unique features that make them ideal and safer to use on steep banks. Therefore, if you have a steep lawn, we highly recommend you to use a particular lawn mower for steep banks.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”✅ What are the necessary features to consider for in a lawnmower for steep banks?” answer-4=”According to the size of your lawn, you can go for rear-wheel drive and self-propelled lawn mower that is light in weight and easy to control. The wheels must be sturdy and have strong traction. Adjustable cutting height is beneficial for mowing on hills. More adjustable height would be more good.” image-4=”” count=”5″ html=”true” css_class=””]


Mowing your lawn doesn’t have to be a strenuous task. With the help of an appropriate lawnmower, you can cut your grass quickly and easily.

Getting the right one depends on your choice and preferences. It mostly depends on the type and size of your lawn, but there are some suggestions and guidelines you can follow to get the right product.

Our list points out some of the best lawn mowers for steep banks in 2020, and you can use them as a guideline for your purchase.

All lawn mowers reviewed in this article are best in their category. Our pick is the Ariens 915223 IKON-X due to its powerful 23 HP Kawasaki engine and robust steel construction.

With its zero-turn feature, you don’t have to worry about going back and clear the patch by the pavement of the bush of flowers.

The engine makes sure fast mowing — the steel built to increase the stability and enables you to use it comfortably on uneven terrain.

The three rotary strong blades mulch the grass correctly.  An amazingly constructed body, deck, and a comfy seat make it the best choice when it comes to best lawn mowers for steep banks.

You can also choose any other lawnmower we reviewed above depending on your preferences and needs.

You have got the majority of information related to the best lawn mower for steep banks.All of the above-reviewed models have been chosen after research and going through their technical reviews.