How Does Lawn Mower work? (Tips and Tricks)

In early ages, people used to get their lawns trim by grazing sheep and other animals. Nowadays, they are replaced by powerful lawn mowers, robots, hovercrafts, and tractors. Do you know, how does lawn mower work?

A lawn mower is an equipment that is designed for cutting grass at a certain height. It has various power options including gas-powered engine, battery or pushes mower They are used to keep the lawn clean and tidy.

No matter the type of a lawn mower one thing is common among all and that is the rotating blade powered by a motor.

How Does Lawn Mowers work

Before the 20th century, reel mowers were most common having a cylindrical blade powered by the person pushing it forward.

The first lawn mower was invented by Edwin Bunning (a British engineer) in 1830. In 1902, the first mower with a combustion power engine was invented and its electric version came into the market in 1926.

Different types of lawnmowers include walk-behind, zero turn, lawn tractors, robots and so on.

If you want to know how lawn mowers works, continue reading and find out it’s working.

How does lawn mower work?

The basic structure of a lawn mower includes a blade this is fit within a space called a deck which prevents the grass from spreading in all directions.

Usually, the deck moves on four wheels having a motor placed over it and a catchment bad attached to it it’s back for collecting of grass cuttings.

Each lawn mower operates on a similar principle i.e. hit the grass with the sharp blades of a mower at high speed to cut the grass.

You can take your lawn mower as a car. Imagine your car having a rotating blade attached to its bottom that cuts the grass when you ride through your lawn.

This is what a lawn mower basically is, just like a car but much small and manageable that is why they are perfect for beginners.

The simplest version of a lawn mower has a handlebar for control. A person operating a mower uses this handlebar to push it forward.

In the case of a self-propelled lawn mower, it has a transmission that makes use of the motor’s power to turn the wheels.

Of course, you will need a powerful riding lawn mower, if you have a huge lawn and large cutting area. Here the walk-behind lawn mower will not be an ideal option.

In case you want something interesting and unique, you can look for hovercrafts mowers that drive on a curtain of air and don’t have wheels, or robotic mowers that don’t require a human operator.

They all require similar structures to work in the right way i.e. a rotating blade, a motor, a mean of moving around and a way to clear grass cuttings.

In order to know the function of a lawn mower, you need to understand all of its parts and how they work.

All the different parts of the mower perform their own specific function and enable it to work properly.

To make it clear and understandable for you, we have mentioned all the important parts of a lawn mower and its functionality separately.


lawn mowers carburetor

A carburetor plays an essential role in the working of a lawn mower. It mixes the air with the fuel to burn.

When you pull the rope to start the mower, it spins the engine that forces it to suck in fuel and air. The carburetor is responsible for mixing the right quantity of fuel and air before it gets into the engine.


The ignition of a mixture of fuel and air results in an orderly explosion that pushes down the piston and rotates the crankshaft. The engine of a lawn mower is similar to a small car’s engine.

The engine of a typical walk behind lawn mower is almost 150 cubic centimeters in size while it is ten times that is a compact car.

In a car, the rotation of the engine is transferred to wheels while in the case of a lawn mower, it is directly given to the cutting blade.

Carburetor rebuilt kit

The carburetor rebuild kit comprises of numerous components containing seals, a hinge pin, gaskets, and many others to revamp the carburetor.


Oil act as a lubricant that is essential for reducing friction and wear.

Spark plug and flywheel

The mixture of air and fuel is ignited by a spark plug by getting electricity from a flywheel. The flywheel rotates with the engine.

When the flywheel rotates, the magnets attached to it pass a magnetic field to the ignition coil which in turn generates electricity and supplies voltage the spark plug.

The flywheel also acts as a shock absorber when a rock or tree roots come across the blades. It also functions as a cooling fan due to the fins attached to it.

Flywheel also provides the momentum to help the engine keep rotating between combustion cycles.

lawn mowing

Ignition coil

The ignition coil is situated next to the flywheel. It is an induction coil to generate an electric current to ignite the spark plug by converting low voltage to high voltage.

The ignition coil is not needed for a gas-powered engine that entirely depends on compression for the ignition of fuel.


The gear case of a lawn mower also called the transmission, uses the power from the motor to move the wheels of a mower.

Air filter

The air filter is another important part of a lawn mower. It helps clean the air off contaminants before it enters the engine.

That’s why an air filter is very essential for improving the efficiency of the engine as it plays a role in reducing friction and wear of the engine.

Blade Control Handle

Each type of lawn mower has some sort of lever near the handgrip and you are required to press and hold that lever to start the engine.

Such lever is called the brake bail arm or blade control handle. When you release it, the motor of a mower will turn off and the blade will stop rotating.

The blade control handle is linked with a cable to a mechanism beneath the engine that does two things.

It stops the ignition to serve as a kill switch for spark plug and also put on a brake on the flywheel to stop the blade and engine immediately.


One of the most important parts of the lawn mower is the blade which is used to cut the grass. A lawn mower may contain one or more blades for cutting the grass at certain heights.

The Deck and Cutting Blade

mowers blade

Both the cutting blade and deck work together to create a suction for cutting the grass. Just think for a while, how grass would respond to the rotating blade.

The grass is so light that it will not stay in a position when you move anything over it, it will move out of the way. This is the problem your lawn mower has to look for it.

If you have ever take a look at the cutting blade of your lawn mower, you may have noted that it is not all the way straight and flat.

Instead, the blade is slightly curved up at the edges and there are tabs on the ends of the blade which provides the lift and suction for the grass.

This suction motion together with the bounded surface of the deck generates a vacuum necessary to suck up the grass as the lawn mower passes over it.

This motion forces the grass to remains in an upright position when the makes its way over it.

Blade adapter

The blade adapter is another part of a lawn mower that allows you to attach the blade of a mower with the blade drive shaft.

Safety switch

The safety switch is highly significant to avoid any unexpected accident. When you let go of the handle, it will stop the engine by preventing the ignition coil from sparking.


The wheels of a lawn mower come with the rubber tires that surround the axle of the wheel.


As the engine is the essential part of a lawn mower, so it needs to be maintained regularly for its proper functioning.

Maintenance such as replacing oil, replacement of air filter and spark plug. The carburetor is a low maintenance structure with proper care required like the addition of a stabilizer to the fuel and not letting.

It sits in the engine for more than a few months as the old fuel can decompose within the carburetor and block it in no time.

There is no need for maintenance with the blade control handle safety system but there are few chances that the grounding wire may become loose.

The cable break or the brake bad worn out. So it is better to check it that all is working fine before you confront the repair.

So, now you know how does lawn mower works and have enough understanding related to its parts and their working as we have explained in detail. Read also: 6 Best Lawn Mower for Steep Banks Reviews 2021 [#3 Surprised]